Advanced Computing Trends

Advanced Computing Trends Workshop

Agenda | Monday October 4

Time of Guadalajara (GMT -5)


Salvador Elías Venegas Andraca, ITESM, Mexico
Quantum Computing

Claudio Schepke, UNIPAMPA, Brazil
An Efficient Parallel Model for Coupled Open-Porous Medium Problem Applied to Grain Drying Processing

Luis Rolando Guarneros-Nolasco, Tecnológico Nacional de México Campus Orizaba, Mexico
High-throughput of measure-preserving integrators derived from the Liouville operator for molecular dynamics simulations on GPUs.

Juan Avila, Universidad Industrial de Santander, Colombia
Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the Nanomaterials Effect on Reducing Mud Loss and Swelling of Clays

Carlos Couder-Castañeda, IPN, Mexico
Solving the heat transfer equation by a finite difference method using multi-dimensional arrays in CUDA as in standard C.

Leonardo Camargo Forero, UIS, Colombia
Space Mission as A Service: A Large Scale Computing Support for HPC/Embedded Computing in Space.

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The CARLA2020 workshop on Advanced Computing Trends in Latin America aims to provide a space to share high-quality original research contributions on various aspects of advanced computing, e-science, disruptive computing, applications of HPC and Advanced Computing, quantum computing, large scale and collaborative computing architectures, data-science and HPC trends in the latinoamerican region.

The workshop focuses on Latin America developments, however other contributions are possible to present the different topics: education, HPC/AI applications, Green HPC, applied HPC (smart cities, agricultural, social, culture, healthcare, climate exchange, security), quantum computing, non-von neumann architectures and related topics.

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