Introduction to AI + HPC

Introduction to AI + HPC

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The emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI) community in Supercomputing (SC) infrastructure is critical to achieving faster, higher impact, and scalable advancements. In this workshop, we are going to explore the synergy between AI and SC. Additionally, we will highlight the importance of using specialized hardware, mainly in the area of Deep Learning. In addition, we will review the state of the art of the leading AI applications that are only possible in SC infrastructures. Finally, we will cover some tools to accelerate and parallelize code in Python.


  • Ulises Cortés - Barcelona Supercomputing Center and Barcelona Tech UPC 
  • E. Ulises Moya - Jalisco Gov and Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara
  • Abraham Sánchez  - Jalisco Gov

We will use Google Colab in the hands on section. Attendees are expected to have some familiarity with Python. Also basic Linux skills.

4 hours (13:00 - 17:00)


Tutorial material: