Tutorial. OpenMP: Introduction to shared memory models

Tutorial. OpenMP: Introduction to shared memory models

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Speaker: Prof. Esteban Mosckos (Universidad de Buenos Aires)

Language: Spanish, slides in English

Duration: 4h 

Todays’ HPC systems always count on multiple cores. With the goal to improve the usage on such systems knowledge of multithread programing is mandatory. This lectures shows the basis of OpenMP : a well spred environment to implement parallel applications.

Modern HPC platforms platforms are based on both Distributed and Shared memory architectures. In the case of Shared Memory, even handheld devices uses multiple processors/cores hardware, and it is usual to have up to 16 processing cores on commercial smartphones. Understanding how these architectures works is very important for Computer Scientists and programmers. In this tutorial, students will learn about some different Shared Memory models, the advantages of this approach, and the main implementations found for commercial and scientific usage.

Tutorial have a hands-on part, on GUANE facilities of Universidad Industrial de Santander, Colombia.