Panel 1. Africa – Latin American HPC and AI Cooperation

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Modern science requires large computing capacities, storage and access to large volumes of data, mechanisms and supports to publish results and share data. This ecosystem of services constitutes a fundamental tool to promote the development of a more open and inclusive science.

This year, UNESCO has completed a consultation process on open science where the aspects of infrastructure and services have been highlighted as one of the great pillars. These capabilities are provided globally by specialized organizations such as SCALAC, the Latin American high-performance computing network, REDCLARA, the regional advanced connectivity network, LA REFERENCIA, the network of open repositories in Latin America, among others.

Latin America has an important tradition of cooperation with Africa, which has materialized in mutually beneficial cooperation agreements. Starting in 2020, a dedicated RedCLARA connectivity link was launched, directly connecting Brazil with Africa. Likewise, agreements of intention were signed for mutual support.

This panel explores the opportunities, challenges, benefits and difficulties that this cooperation implies. The participants of the panel are actors from both continents who will contribute with their reflection to the development of new proposals.

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