High-Performance Computing with the IBM POWER10 Processor

Jose E. Moreira

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IBM Research

The IBM POWER10 processor represents the 10th generation of the POWER family of enterprise computing engines. Its performance is a result of both powerful processing cores and high-bandwidth intra- and inter-chip interconnect. POWER10 systems can be configured with up to 16 processor chips and 1920 simultaneous threads of execution.

Cross-system memory sharing, through the new Memory Inception technology, and 2 Petabytes of addressing space support an expansive memory system. The POWER10 processing core has been significantly enhanced over its POWER9 predecessor, including a doubling of vector units and the addition of an all-new matrix math engine. Throughput gains from POWER9 to POWER10 average 30% at the core level and three-fold at the socket level.

Those gains can reach ten- or twenty-fold at the socket level for matrix-intensive computations.

Invited Speaker:
Jose E. Moreira